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Somatic Stick BodyWork

Saturday October 8, 2022


Legend has it that ancient Slavic warriors developed “stick work” to relax warriors prior to battle and after combat to assist in reducing what we now know as post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSS).

As a martial artist and modern-day Warrior your body and psyche may greatly appreciate this unique opportunity to fully experience this Somatic stick body work.

Similar to Chinese Gua Sha, Somatic Stick Body Work stimulates circulation while creating petechiae, however it differs greatly from Gua Sha in that gradually the treatment goes deeper releasing muscle tension and trauma held deeply in the body.  Individuals' responses may vary. One of the most common benefits that participants report is a profound and long lasting period of deep muscle relaxation.


Date: Saturday October 8, 2022
Time: appointments starting at 9 a.m. (all scheduled on the hour)
Location: TBA (New Hampshire seacoast / Portsmouth area)
Fee (Somatic Stick Body work only): $125.00   
Package: Both Workshops (Friday & Saturday) including Somatic Stick Body Work and Systema Workshop  $200.00

All sessions are by appointment only. 50% deposit required to reserve your spot.  

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