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Late Summer Update: August 2022

Academy members, alumni, and future friends:

May this find everyone enjoying the summer season, taking time to play, explore, and grow. After Covid, the cultural embrace of outdoor activities, from my observations, have increased dramatically- walking, cycling, running,kayaking, and so much more. It is beautiful to see so many more families outside and moving.

Recently I made the decision to spend more time in the White Mountain National Forest. I often spend hours a day outside engaging in training, movement activities and ongoing research and development. This has reinforced the importance of martial arts activity outside. The sunshine and fresh air can change how you think and feel.

Here are some of the exciting and unique upcoming events for the end of summer and early fall.

Enjoy the rest of the summer,


Don Mackay

Schedule update:

Stratham Hill Classes Kenpo Ju Jitsu: Tuesdays and Thursdays 5-6

*Second Wednesday of each month specialized information workshop required for testing.

(Eclectic material that doesn’t fit into the 2 hours of training per week. On occasion the workshop will be open to friends of the Academy, alumni, and the public.


July- Weaponizing your environment

August 10th- Creating your perfect day (5-6 pm)

September- TBA

Additional workshops and programs:

Watch for information about Early Fall Mountain Retreat! Training, camping, hiking, biking, and playing on the Pemigewasset River.

Inquire about online private lesson programs which are specifically created for the participant to enhance mobility, agility, anxiety reduction and increase overall quality of life.

*Also offering online private martial arts programs.

Breath Work Refresher:

Set a timer aim for 5-6 breaths 1 minute. Study Wim Hof -His 11 minute YouTube tutorial is terrific.

Recharge- Reset- Relax in 2 steps:

  1. Lay down (carpet, mats, etc.) Back and hands on floor, backside against the wall, feet high up on the wall Essentially your body is forming an ( L) Legs form the long line, head and torso form the short line.

  2. Slow your breathing down 5-6 breaths per minute. Start with legs elevated and begin with 2-3 minutes and work your way up slowly to increase the length of time. When finished, stand up slowly

Movement Challenge:

Pick an environment you frequent- a walking path, playground, store parking lot. With the environment at hand, get as creative as possible with your movements (forward, backwards, over, under, around). Have fun!

Remember, each time you move differently you are challenging the neuroplasticity of your brain.

Have fun- go slow- be safe!

Suggested Reading:

“The Power of Intention: Learning to Co-create Your World Your Way”

by Wayne W. Dyer

A powerful read that enhances many of the philosophies taught at each class level.

“Smarter, Faster, Better- the secrets of being productive in Life and Business”

by Charles Duhigg

In class we frequently discuss and share methods to reduce “friction” in everyday life and to add ease and more joy to our days. The “Science of Productivity” is a terrific tool to enhance peak performance.

“The Mind Map Book” by Tony Buzan

How to use radiant thinking to maximize your brain's untapped potential. This book shares with you methods to organize thoughts and ideas. Over 25 years ago I introduced mind mapping in our instructor training programs and state management control (S.M.C) curriculum along with thought storming.

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