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October 2021 Newsletter

Academy members, family, and friends; welcome to our blog. It wasn’t that long ago that we mailed out a newsletter to you all!

Before I move too far long, I would like to thank all that sent positive energy during my recent liver transplant. Family, friends, thank you. A special thanks to Mr. Fowler who kept classes rolling along. A very special thanks to Ari who was there through it all.


Don MacKay Chief Master Instructor Kenpo Ju Jitsu USA

------------------------------ Seasonal Changes

All programs at the Academy, somatic movement and martial arts, follow the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approach to changing with the seasons. As summer is a season of expanse, our summer lesson plans have more expansive movement, elements of parkour, and ground flow drills with rolls and falls.

As we shift in Fall, TCM asks us to become aware that we slow our pace in preparation for winter. As sunlight reduces, we shift from Yang to Yin energy (masculine to feminine.) In TCM, the fall season relates to lung and large intestine systems.

Suggestions to support your body’s transition to fall:

1. Incorporate foods that are in season such as root vegetables, turnips, parsnips, and squash. Add small amounts of warming spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and curry.

2. Reduce consumption of cold foods such as salads and fruits.

3. As we prepare for the approaching winter season, explore ways to create more restful practices in your day. Adjusting your schedules and workouts, and having earlier bedtimes are powerful ways to start.

4. Implement regular breathwork in your practice.

5. Keep warm; wear layers and keep your neck warm by using scarves.

6. Drink warming beverages such as black tea, oolong, and chai.

Instructor Reese Fowler

Again, another special thanks to Reese who has kept the Academy classes rolling. Besides teaching, he is currently involved in preparation for his 2nd degree black belt instructor test which will be taken in December of this year.

Your Brain on Drums

Drumming is a great workout for your brain. According to Dr. Christine Northup MD, research shows that the physical transmission of rhythmic energy via drumming synchronizes the left and right hemispheres of the brain. This generates new integrated neuronal connections, which enhance performance as well as making you smarter.

Integrating drumming into your martial and heath practices is a useful tool for healing, meditation, dance, and team building. As a suggestion, try to find the percussive rhythm in your movements as you practice your forms and techniques.

The Academy is planning on a drumming and movement workshop this winter. Stay tune for the date!

Food for Thought

“Tell me what you plan to do with our one wild and precious life.”

~ Mary Oliver ~ Enjoy the changes of seasons and all it offers!

Keep moving,

Don MacKay Chief Master Instructor Kenpo Ju Jitsu USA

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